Individual, Couples and Family Services

Celebrate life Are you currently at battle with yourself, your spouse, or struggling with your family, social or work relationships? Are you harboring depression, anxiety and stress, or guilt and shame? If the answer is yes, psychotherapy or coaching can help.

Too often we ignore the warning signs because we are busy, afraid or ashamed, or we believe we are not worth the investment. While we quickly dismiss our worrisome thoughts or toss aside our conflicted emotions, our compulsive behaviors can begin to surface as we try to mask fear, guilt, confusion, grief and suffering, or insecurities and doubts. When we neglect our intuition, ignore our emotions, or turn away from troubling and telling behaviors, we can easily start to feel unbalanced, lost, sad, frustrated and stuck.

If you or your relationships are suffering, the road ahead can become easier... you are not alone!

I offer psychotherapy and coaching for individuals, couples and families. My practice includes short-term and long-term services that can help you navigate the difficult choices and challenges that we all face daily. Together we can safely address your concerns and facilitate the life changes that you desire and deserve.

I invite you to explore my website to learn more about me, the fees and payment options, and the benefits of my counseling services and transformative coaching packages. You may request more information or an appointment online, or to set up an initial session, call me at my office.